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New resources: Retirement planning advice straight from the experts

Written by: Marc Schultz
Published on: Sep 13, 2019

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As an employer in a competitive talent market, you probably know that benefits can make all the difference in recruitment and retention. What you may not realize is that one of the most popular new benefits does double-duty as a productivity booster: Financial wellness programs don’t just help your people make the most of their compensation, they actually reduce on-the-job stress, distraction, and the underperformance they can foster.

That’s why we’re proud partners of Mission:Money, alongside the retirement planning professionals at Mutual of America (MoA). We’ve recently added four new articles put together by MoA concerning retirement prep, ready to share with your people – as a part of your formal employee financial literacy program, or simply as a way to check in and show you care.

In brief, the four new pieces cover:

  • The retirement marathon. Retirement is a lifelong effort – not just something that happens to you one day. This guide lays out retirement preparation tips for every stage of your life, from your 20s (including two opportunities you don’t want to pass up) to your 60s (including investment considerations).
  • Coordinating your finances. In retirement, you want a predictable flow of income, not a juggling act. This piece features tips for planning ahead, managing investments, and weighing your options regarding the assets you want to tap versus those you want to preserve.
  • Home advantage. The home you own isn’t just a roof over your head: It can be collateral for a loan. This clear-eyed look at home equity loans outlines the benefits and risks of taking out a “second mortgage,” with a helpful example breaking down the numbers.
  • Anticipating the unexpected. Of course, no matter how carefully you prepare for retirement, you can’t predict everything. This article contains precautionary steps, for yourself and those dependent on you, to make sure you can manage unplanned events like illnesses, turbulence in the economy, or changes in tax policy.

We’ll be adding more MoA resources next month. Be sure to review the full range of financial literacy material available on Mission:Money, including our employer guide – a comprehensive resource for planning and launching your workplace financial wellness program.

Marc Schultz is communications editor at Work for Good.