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ICYMI: Our favorite Career Insights

Published on: Apr 26, 2018

In this roundup of the stories that most stuck with us, you’ll find practical advice and inspiration to keep you on top of your career.


Marla Gottschalk

How to bounce back: 5 resilience-building strategies for your career

Wellness isn’t just about avoiding burnout in your day-to-day: It’s about understanding yourself, pursuing your goals, and preserving peace of mind. Find out why, along with some healthy habits worth picking up.

jenny foss banner

The (only) 3 people you should ask to review your resume

When crafting or revising a resume, who can you trust? JobJenny’s Jenny Foss pinpoints the three professional opinions you’ll need to ensure your resume is effective, efficient, and error-free.


Creating your own growth opportunities: Answers from the YNPN National Conference

Candid, far-ranging career advice from two executive search experts, taken from a conversation with young sector pros hosted by Work for Good and the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network.

Gary Williams

[How I Work] Healthy babies, healthy Baltimore

Mobilizing a community isn’t easy – even with an easy-to-embrace goal like healthy babies. One program manager accounts for the level of difficulty, and how he manages it, in this practitioner profile.


A ripple, a wave, a tide: Leading change from where you are now

Constructive career advice from a young CEO, suitable for any sector pro driven to tackle ever more ambitious goals, and to keep themselves ready, adaptable, and resilient while doing it.


Mindful news consumption for nonprofit pros

Beth Kanter, guru of networked nonprofits and worker wellness, presents three news-consumption practices to help improve your mental state and keep your focus where it’s actually needed.

Job Jenny 2

5 ways to screw up your cover letter (and how to fix it)

Cover letters can be a pain point for many reasons, but you can avoid the most common pitfalls with this guide from JobJenny, covering issues of focus, format, voice, and more.


Stand up! Getting a new perspective

Everyone hits a wall sometime. Here’s five ways to reset your frame of mind, with fresh insight into traditional tricks alongside techniques you probably never considered – like adopting a third-person POV.


Do tell: Preparing for every interviewer’s opening line

Want to be ready the next time an interviewer says, “Tell me about yourself?” Learn how to tell your story in this practical guide, with tips for understanding yourself, your direction, and your dream job.


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