Get strategic about salary

Published on: Jul 19, 2019

compensation strategy roundup

If you haven’t checked out the 2019 Work for Good Nonprofit Salary Reports for Georgia and California, you’re missing out on a powerful hiring resource: the most comprehensive and up-to-date compensation breakdown for nonprofit professionals serving these two enormously influential states.

And if you have checked them out, but have run into trouble trying to download another copy, we have good news: We have resolved the technical issues keeping you from re-downloading. Feel free to revisit them any time – you’ll find links to both here.

Of course, Work for Good’s monthly Hiring Insight newsletter has also featured a number of compelling, advice-rich stories on compensation strategy. Here are some of our favorites:

Making the case for more competitive salaries
To convince funders and board members to invest in greater employee pay, we can’t just plead the cause of a living wage or name-check recruitment, retention, and productivity: We need data, strategy, and the true cost of doing business.

Financial wellness pays: A program that benefits everyone’s bottom line
Your people’s fiscal worries may be costing you – up to $5,000 per stressed-out employee. A financial wellness program can recoup lost productivity, low morale, and high turnover.

Is student debt sinking your benefits package? A new 401(k) hack could help
When employees can’t afford to contribute to their retirement plan, they’re often forgoing a major benefit – your matching contribution. A recently-approved workaround is changing that.

3 leadership tips to avoid employee burnout
Taking lessons from the “continuous performance management” approach, you can give your people the attention, environment, and benefits they need to keep up the good work