Find your financial way with Mission:Money

Written by: Karen Beavor
Published on: Jul 25, 2018

Mission Money CI

We know that financial stress can cause you more than worry – it can cause you to fall behind at work, and even consider giving up a job you love. As nonprofit employees ourselves, we also know that everything we do to serve the mission can leave little time to understand personal finances, let alone take charge of them. In fact, more than half of the respondents in our recent, nationwide survey of nonprofit employees said they felt financially uncomfortable; too often, we’re also unfamiliar with ways to manage debt, savings, expenses, and other tricky fiscal concerns.

That’s why Work for Good’s parent company, the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, has partnered with SunTrust Foundation to launch Mission:Money, a free educational initiative specifically for nonprofit employees. Finances are a big topic, so we’ve broken it down for you, step by step, with a wide range of brief, easy-to-absorb articles in eight categories:

We’ll also be offering workshops and other learning events, in-person and online, to deepen your understanding of financial matters, answer your specific concerns, and guide you toward a place of fiscal confidence. 

If you think others at your organization could benefit from an extra measure of fiscal know-how, let your colleagues know about Mission:Money as well. Organizational leaders can even take advantage of our in-depth Employer Guide, which will assist them in designing a win-win-win financial wellness program that improves productivity, helps everyone on your team in their work and home lives, and requires minimal investment. (They should know that financial wellness programs are an in-demand on-the-job benefit that provides a big advantage for recruitment and retention in this increasingly competitive job market.)

Your path to financial wellness starts at Mission:Money. Be sure to explore this new suite of free, always-available resources today, and check back for updates and events.

Karen Beavor is president and CEO of Work for Good and the Georgia Center for Nonprofits.