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The self-care career advantage: Planning your “Spa Day of Self-Assessment”

Written by: Marc Schultz
Published on: Jan 1, 2024

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(Image: Maksim Chernishev)

It can be easy to forget the importance of self-care, especially if you’re working (or seeking to work) in a sector focused on taking care of others. But when it comes to finding a job that fits, understanding yourself is an essential first step – and you can’t get the time, space, and peace you need to understand yourself without first taking care of yourself.

When you think of self-care as a journey of self-discovery, one that can lead to more fulfilling and impactful work, it only makes sense – good business sense – to prioritize taking care of you.

Let's explore how to assess your skills, both "hard" and "soft," in a way that's like treating yourself to a spa day for your soul. Here’s five steps we recommend including in your Spa Day of Self-Assessment.

  1. Mindful reflection: Find a quiet space, take a deep breath, and give yourself a long moment to close your eyes. Reflect on your passions, values, and what truly matters to you. Spend several minutes with this exercise, then make a brief list summarizing your thoughts. This will serve as the foundation of your self-assessment.
  2. Hard skills scrub: Imagine you're exfoliating away your doubts, and think about your technical skills. What are you proficient in? Consider everything – nonprofits today are looking for everything from data analysis to grant writing, project management, online marketing, sales skills, and beyond. List your competencies.
  3. Soft skills soak: Just like a soothing soak in a warm bath, sink into a consideration of your soft skills. Identify the qualities that make you a great employee regardless of your role. Are you an empathetic listener, a team player, or an adaptable problem solver? These qualities are treasures in the nonprofit world.
  4. Seek feedback: It's like getting a massage for your self-awareness. Reach out to mentors, colleagues, and friends who can provide honest feedback about your skills, your value, and where they've seen you shine.
  5. Treat yourself kindly: Be gentle with yourself during this process. Just as a spa day is a treat for your body, self-assessment is a gift to your future self. Remember that your unique mix of skills is your greatest asset.

This self-knowledge will be your guiding star as you embark on your nonprofit job search, helping you align your path with your passions and values. And by indulging in this self-assessment spa day, you'll also nurture the practice of self-care, which can carry you through the challenges of the work ahead – both the immediate job search and the entirety of your career journey.

Marc Schultz is communications editor at Work for Good.

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