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Jobseeker resources: Guides, services, and pros we trust

Published on: Nov 21, 2022

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At Work for Good, we’re dedicated to making your search for a meaningful job as smooth and successful as possible. To that end, we’ve gathered much advice here on the site.

However, we know that not everyone faces the same challenges – and we also know that the volume of advice online can be a challenge of its own. To help you answer your particular needs, we’ve put together this list of resources from Work for Good, our contributors, and other providers we trust.

For particular demographics and conditions
Job hunting as a person with a disability / Job Accommodation Network
   ● Do's and don’ts of disclosing a disability / Job Accommodation Network
Job hunting as a veteran / Job-Hunt
Job hunting for people over 50 / Job-Hunt
Job hunting as a working parent / Job-Hunt
Job hunting for new graduates / Job-Hunt
Networking for introverts / Job-Hunt
The Black professional job search experience and why it’s different [podcast] / The Voice of Jobseekers
Education and career guide after incarceration / Intelligent
Ways to navigate and overcome employment gaps / Work for Good
Addressing burnout in your resume, interview, and career / Work for Good
Mental health resources for jobseekers (and everyone else) / Work for Good

For particular roles
Are you a match for the development department? / Work for Good
Are you a match for direct-service social work? / Work for Good
How much does a social worker make? /

Resumes and other application materials
Free resume assessment / Powered by TopResume, via Work for Good
Resume and LinkedIn services / Career Spa
JobJenny / Resume kit and makeover service, cover letter crash course, LinkedIn kit
Lord Resume / Training in resume writing and career transitions
Write to Work / Weekly workshop on cover letters, resumes, online profiles, and writing samples / Paradise Coaching
Cooking up a hot resume: Quality ingredients and an AI taste test / Work for Good
Tailor your resume for the job at hand / Work for Good
What your remote-work resume needs / Work for Good
How to write a stand-out cover letter / Work for Good

Find your workplace fit by interviewing with values in mind / Work for Good
How to ace your video interview / Work for Good
5 moves sure to sink any job interview / Work for Good
Smart strategies for behavioral interview questions / Work for Good

20 top tips for super awesome networking / Work for Good
Be your own lucky charm / Work for Good

Tracey Knight / Personal Mastery Life Coaching, self-guided training
Paradise Coaching / Individual coaching for life and work
Career Coaching / Career Spa
JobJenny / Career coaching, job hunt coaching
Laura Gassner Otting / Executive coaching, self-guided life/career coaching course

On-the-job concerns
Mental Health Disability Rights in the Workplace: A Guide for Employees / Online MFT Programs
Guide to protecting whistleblowers / Comprehensive guide for anyone “thinking about whistleblowing” or looking to protect a whistleblower /
What on-the-job professional development means (and how to ask for it) / Work for Good
How to have a great Great Resignation / Work for Good
Pressure drop: How to understand and overcome stress / Work for Good
7 ways to stay motivated while working from home / Work for Good
Addressing burnout in your resume, interview, and career / Work for Good

Job search advice libraries / Large, practical, always-expanding library of advice on resumes, cover letters, interviews, personal SEO, and other career topics

Professional development
What on-the-job professional development means (and how to ask for it) / Work for Good
Nonprofit University Course Catalog

  • Nonprofit University (NU) is the multi-discipline, year-round training center housed by Work for Good's parent company, the Georgia Center for Nonprofits. Each NU training opportunity is held live and online, and designed especially for mission-driven professionals like you.

Work for Good how-tos
Finding internship and volunteer opportunities
Seeking remote jobs
Free resume assessment
Setting up job alerts

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